Security Services Architectural Maturity Index#

The SSAM index provides scores that indicate how well the product’s architecture is built to support each security service. This is a measure of the reliability of the security service and how isolated the security service is from other system changes. These maturity scores are measured during the RABET-V Architecture Review.

The SSAM Index provides a maturity score for each of ten security control families. The scores range from 0 to 3, where 3 is the best.

The SSAM Index provides maturity scores across four measures.


Composite Service#

A service that is composed of two or more coupled security service components in order to provide functionality. Most composites will consist of a security service that surfaces at the system level (core service), and an adaptor that uses that service (dependent service).

Transparent Service#

A security service that is not directly or indirectly invoked by vendor software.